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Mobile Patrols

The decision to choose a static security guard or to have a Mobile Patrol Service keeping an eye on your property is very often a financial one. Allied’s Mobile Security Patrol Service is a reliable, cost effective solution when the cost of having a static security guard is deemed unrealistic.

What are Mobile Patrols?

Mobile Security Patrols are visits carried out to your property in accordance with your individual requirements by our SIA Licensed, highly experienced, professional and uniformed Security Patrol Officers. Each of our sign written Patrol Vehicles operate within a specific geographical area using local Security Patrol Officers for their extensive knowledge and experience of the community. Typically, when a mobile Security Patrol Officer arrives at your site, he will check for any signs that all is not as it should be. This usually involves checking all exterior doors, windows, garages, sheds, outbuildings, and vehicles etc for any signs of tampering or attempted break-ins. Should there be any indication of an attempted or actual break-in, our dedicated 24 hour control centre staff will notify a keyholder of your choice and request the assistance of the police before further investigation is carried out.

Are Mobile Patrols effective?

Although some property related crime is of the ‘opportunistic’ variety, much is planned in advance. Having highly visible, random visits to your property deters many ‘would be’ wrongdoers from targeting your property in the first place. The 'unpredictable' nature of our Mobile Patrol Visits ensure you do not become a statistic of 'planned' crime.

Cost of Mobile Security Patrols

Allied Facilities’ Mobile Patrol Service provides cost effective security for many businesses in Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Wiltshire and across the south of England. We are able to achieve this by the careful structuring of our Mobile Tours which in turn, enable us to service the optimum number of Mobile Security Patrol visits per shift. It is for this reason that the cost of our Mobile Patrol Service is surprisingly low as you only pay for the actual time we spend on checking your property and not for any waiting or travelling time.

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